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Grave Of The Hero Chords

D                       G
In the trenches and out on the field,
D                        A
Unrelenting you never yield,
D                       G
To the fear and to the pain,
          D                      A           D
You’re a soldier who knows no shame.

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Yours is the grave of the hero,
Yours was the fight of the bold,
        D                        A      G
You died for the ones that you didn't know,
          D             A         D
And you gave your life for them all.

Across the blue oceans   in faraway lands,
You spilt your blood on foreign sands,
To fight for the ones that you left behind,
So freedom they could find.

We treasure the stories you left us of old,
The thoughts and the memories forever we'll hold,
You put yourself last and you never regret,
How your face to the challenge you set.

There's many who left us and never came back,
The missing in action, while under attack.
We’ll never lose site of their sacrifice,
They willingly paid with their lives.