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Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 05:19:43 GMT
From: Rick L 
To: guitar@olga.net, cowpie@olga.net
Subject: CRD: Wayfaring Stranger Emmylou Harris Chords/Lyrics

Emmylou Harris   Wayfaring Stranger   traditional

Tony Rice     lead acoustic guitar
Albert Lee    mandolin
Jerry Douglas dobro
Emory Gordy   bass
Ricky Skaggs  fiddle/guitar/vocals
John Ware     percussion
Brian Aheren  acoustic guitar

Im  a poor wayfaring stranger
	          Fm                 Cm
While traveling thru this world of woe
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Yet theres no sickness, toil, or danger
	        Fm               Cm
In that bright world to which I go
	   Ab               Eb
Im going there to see my Father
	   Ab       Cm       G7
Im going there no more to roam
Im only going over Jordan
	  Fm         Cm
Im only going over home


I know dark clouds will hang round me,
          Fm               Cm
I know my way is rough and steep

Yet beauteous fields lie just before me
            Fm                     Cm
Where Gods redeemed their virgils keep
          Ab              Eb
Im going there to see my mother
               Ab      Cm     G7  
She said shed meet me when I come
I'm only going over Jordan
	  Fm         Cm
I'm only going over home


>From Emmylou Harris "Roses In The Snow"
Warner Brothers Records 1980
Visa Music(ASCAP)