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Coffee Stain Chords

"Coffee Stain"
by: Sarah Harmer
from the album: "You Were Here"

I had this all written out and everything but I forgot it and I don't really
know where it is so I'm just going to wing it.  If there are problems or complaints
please do hesitate to e-mail me at Ennio80@hotmail.com

A  D   A  D   A   D   Bm  D

There's a coffee stain around your eye
And lines that I don't recognize
Everything changed from being okay
The night that you came home so late
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And I knew by the time on the stove
That you were no longer mine alone
I guess we're all just out on loan 
And everybody is only there own.

E  A  D    E  A  D   E  A  D   Bm  D

Oh I loved you and I guess that I still do
Everything was going so good I thought something bad would happen
And then it did if you know the difference between bad and good
I thought you'd know but I cross my toes and that's how it goes

(I'm sorry but I'm doing this off the top of my head and I forgot the second
verse.  But the second part is exactly the same as the first part in the 
first verse.)