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Basement Apt Chords

"Basement Apt."
by: Sarah Harmer
from the album: "you were here"

The lyrics are already posted on this website so I'm not going to bother
writing them out again.

Capo on 3rd fret

C9             G   C9               G        C9         G        
Well you live out where the street ends in a Basement Apartment
     D           C9
with one of you friends....

             C9     G  D  C9
Everytime I breathe,         everytime I try to leave
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Everytime I breathe...

D                                             C9
And every evening you open the door you come down
         D                                        C9
There's nothing like watching T.V. all night underground
     D                      C9
And no one is watching me slide
D                          C9
Below street level barely alive

Well that's just about it.  If any of you guys have complaints or suggestions
or words of praise please e-mail me at Ennio80@hotmail.com