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Kind Of Christmas Card Chords

A KIND OF CHRISTMAS CARD A KIND OF CHRISTMAS CARD 		MORTEN HARKET------------------------ Tabbed by Dan KarlstadD BAll you folks back home F# AI'll never tell you this D Byou're not supposed to know  Awhere your daughter is G there are ways of life  A  Byou never understood  G A D Ait's right here downtown Hollywood   G Ait's afternoon on Sunset BoulevardBI´ve got a stolen moment trying hard Ato write a kind Ga kind of ChristmascardCHORUSA D B F#  ABut I---am burning out againD B F# AToni---ght there is fever in my veinsD BMama dear all the love you gaveD F#I guess there´s really nothing Anothing much to saveG AI see this placeBIt is dirty as I feel myselfG A DThere are still som riches at the RooseveltA GThat evening prayer those memorise in my little bedroom, Bmama, on my knees A GThat´s where i´m at down in Los AngelesCHORUSAnd I---am burning out againAnd I---must rise above the shameToni---ght there is fever in my veinsG A BOr just think of the girl I used to beA GYou were my age once mamaA DTwentythreeD A B I can still hear some of the songs you used to playA BFrom that summer of love in ´68A GIt seems it turned into a a winter of hateCHORUSAnd I---am burning out againIt´s time i´d rise above the painToni---ght there is fever in my veinsToni---ght there is fever in my veins Comments?If you have some please mail me!doctor-jones@doctor.com
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