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Autumn Leaves Chords

The Lyrics are the way Bing Lyle from Brighton/England sang the song in 1986 at 
Bären-Pub in Balingen/Germany.
The Chords are the way Fred Sokolow teaches the song on youtube (very helpful).

Am          Dm7    G           Cmaj7   Fmaj7
The falling leaves drift by my window 

             Bm7b5  E7         Am
Those autumn leaves of red and gold 
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Am      Dm7      G            Cmaj7    Fmaj7
I still remember, your summer kisses         

                Bm7b5 E7        Am
Those sunburned hands I used to hold 

               E7                 Am     
Since you went away the days grow long 

              Dm   G           Cmaj7   Bm7b5
And soon I´ll hear old winters song 

                       E7     Am        Dm
But I miss you most of all my darling 

           Bm7b5  E7              Am
When those autumn leaves start to fall