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On My Own Chords

"On My Own"
sung by, Hank Williams III
written by, Shelton Williams
from the CD, Risin' Outlaw

1st verse:
[N/C] Lookin' [E] back thru the years, I saw my [A] anger
There was [E] things that I could not [B7] control
Wonderin' [E]  thru my [E7]  memories with my [A] darlin'
Now, I [E] fall thru the [B7] door on my [E] own

[E]  On my [A] own, again
All a [E] lo-oo-ne again
Now I [B7] see what it's like when your [E] away
On my [A] own, again
All a [E] lo-oo-ne again
Now I [B7] see what its like I'm away
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2nd verse
[E] He was a [A]  man, walkin' big and proud
And he was [E] walkin' thru a mighty thick crowd
Although we never [B7] could understand where this man had been
For as [E] time grew on, he grew weak and thin
As the [A] days rolled on, thru the nights
Well, he started [E] drinkin' so much
He was loosin' his mind
And as he sits [B7] back, he knows that,  he'll die [E] alone

repeat chorus, singing the last line twice

Authors note: "There you have it, friends". If Hank III 's singin' dosn't 
give you cold chills on this song, you simply