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I Don T Know Chords

"I don't know"
sung by,  Hank Williams III
written by,  Randy Howard
from the CD,  Risin' Outlaw


capo 2nd fret

[A] I might get drunk and rob a bank.
Shoot my car if it don't [E] crank.
Try'n to raise a little [D] Cain;
[E] Mess the walls up with some [A] paint.

Might even join a rodeo.
Ride my horse to Buffalo.
Change my name to Bill...
I don't think I ever will

But I can't promise you I won't…
Some people do; some people don't.
Some people win some people lose.
Some people never get to choose.
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All you can do is the best you can
And hope things work out like ya plan.
I plan to stay but I might go
I can't say cause I don't know.


I might become the president
And tell the world I'm heaven sent.
Take up drinking cold iced tea.
Quite watching women and TV.

Might even smoke those cigarettes.
Play my guitar like Dickey Betts
Get into Shania's pants
I don't' think I gotta chance

But I ain't sayin' I won't try
To do it all before I die.
I just might win, but if I lose,
 Well I'll just blame it on he booze.

'Cause I'm just doin' the best I can.
And I hope ya understand.
I plan to stay, but I might go.
And if I do, I told ya' so!

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