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Old School Chords

                    Old School - Hank Williams 

    D              G           D
I remember a young Johnny Cash waiting in the wings
    D                    G          D              A 
Cuz he'd hand me his cigarette when he'd go out to sing

        G                 A           D         G 
And the good old Marshall Tucker Band back in '83
      G                                                           A
Was a special night, they asked me come on out and play Can't You See
D             G            D     
Darlene was a teenage girl when I first met her, wow
D                G                D                A 
Jerry Lee played rock 'n' roll at my house and I'm proud

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             D                           G
I'm from the old school but I made up my own rules
      A                                            D 
But I learned a thing or two from some pretty good teachers
   D                                         G                               Em  
My education has served me well, one look at me and you could tell my musics true
            A                                  D
The class reunion from the blues, I'm from the old school

***Repeat chords***

Well things were kinda rough at times, I had to find my way
Not exactly an overnight sensation like some are today
Hey I''m a dinosaur, that's for sure but here's what I gotta say
To anyone who questions my credentials, Hi, I'm Hank

Chorus 2:
And I'm from the old school but I made up some new rules
And you might learn a thing or two if you hang around
I'll teach you to write and play and sing 'em, take these guitars out and string 
'em, it will make your music true
Class reunion of The Blues, I'm from the old school

And after all the songs I sing, let's stop and have a drink from my old bar stool
Hey everybody, here's to the old school