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Sideslide Chords


Written by HANGNAIL

Transcribed (if you can call it that!!) by Paul Vickers

Any comments/alterations or additions please mail me at amuseroftheamazing@hotmail.com.

Right. I've got the main riff and another bit. That's it. Still better than nowt.

Drop D tuning.

Main Riff

D -----5/7----7---x---7---x---8---x---7---x---5--------
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/hangnail/sideslide_crd.html ]
A -----5/7----7---x---7---x---8---x---7---x---5--------

D -----5/7----7---x---7---x---8---x---7---x---5--------

There. That's it. The last few bars of the song drop the mutes.

There's another bit that kinda goes like this

G ---------------7----6------------ D -----5/7-----------------7----5-

A -----5/7-------------------------

D -----5/7-------------------------

Go for it.