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What A Girl Cant Do Chords

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A huge local (Washington D.C.) in early '66 for the Hangmen - although
according to _Goldmine_ #140 it was actually recorded by the Reekers, who
would evolve into the Hangmen by the time it was released.  I don't have
the original Monument single; I've been informed that the LP version (upon
which this transcription is based) was a re-recording.  --AWR

From _Billboard_, 2/19/66:

  Hangmen Cause 'Swingalong'
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    FALLS CHURCH, Va.  -- Jack Shaver, owner of Giant Record Shop, said
  last week a mob of teen-agers turned out to hear The Hangmen (4) and
  when police cleared the store because the crowd created a fire hazard a
  near-riot ensued.
    Shaver said browser bins and display cases were smashed and two girls
  and a boy fainted during the chaos.  He said damage was estimated at
    Shaver said The Hangmen are from the nearby Washington area and are
  local favorites.  He said he had sold about 2,500 copies of their
  single, 'What A Girl Can't Do', on Monument, and it was No. 1 on local
    He said school was out that day because of snow and the store began
  filling up at noon for the 4 p.m. show.  He estimated 400 'were jammed
  and packed' inside and some 1,500 were outside.
    Shaver said traffic was snarled, police came, declared the gathering a
  fire hazard and began clearing the store.  He said The Hangmen had been
  playing 15 minutes at the time and it took half an hour to disperse the
    Shaver said he had had record stars perform at his store before,
  including Johnny Rivers, Johnny Tillotson, Peter and Gordon, and Ramsey
  Lewis, 'but they never created anything like this.'
    He said he did not have insurance to cover the loss.

                         "What A Girl Can't Do"
                             (Tom Guernsey)


	[drum beat, 2 bars]

	[guitars and bass, 4X; (strum only where symbols appear)]

	A                  C     D   C
	/   /   /   /      /   /   /   /

Verse 1:

	       A                          C       D    C
	Well, listen here, girl, I wanna talk to you, now
	      A                         C        D    C
	My friends say you been seein' somebody new
	 A                         C           D    C
	Say you been stabbin' me right in the back
	 A [N.C.]
	Runnin' our love down a one-way track
	F                  Bb                    E
	No little girl of mine's gonna act like that


	         A                 D
	Well, I told you   what a girl can't do
	            A                        D
	You should know by now   that I was talkin' to you
	         A                             D
	I don't wanna have to tell you what a girl can't do
	   C   E
	To me

Verse 2:

	Well, I've been thinkin' 'bout it, girl, I won't tell you again, now
	Cheatin' on me is the ultimate sin
	I don't give a tinker's [dam], baby, what you do
	I got a half a dozen women, baby, just like you
	Ain't no woman gonna treat me the way that you do

[repeat chorus]

[harmonica solo over chorus chords]

Verse 3 (piano R.H. plays A5 in eighth notes during first three lines)

	Well, do you think I care if you leave or stay
	I couldn't care less, that's the way I'm made
	I ain't gonna cry if you leave me flat
	'Cause there ain't no woman that's worth all that
	Baby, I hope you know just where you're at

[repeat chorus, 3X]

[harmonica over chorus chords; fade after four bars]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers