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Border Tacos Chords

To play this song you must pick the chord string and the one below it.  It sounds really good and has a pretty fast tempo.  You will hear about BJ Haney soon
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Border Tacos
By Ben Haney

Pick Gad9
When I go down to the border I can’t help myself but eat
C ad 9
Going to a taco stand they just can’t be beat,
But when I see that man chasing that little Chihuahua 
I can’t help but wonder where the hell got that meat

I like my tacos spicy, with a little pica de gallo
The Mexican man smiles and hands me my taco
He says adios, until we meet again
I wondered why he’s smiling what he was thinking
Who the hell would eat that shit in my tacos
Thanks for the money, you dumbass gringo
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I bit into that taco, man it was good
It tasted like what all Mexican food should
Went to the market to meet all my friends
To see what they bought and how much money they had spent
I told them bout the taco stand down on main street
When I smiled they said there’s dog hair in your teeth

I went back to main street to find that little man
Come to find out he had wheels on that stand
I looked all around but he was now where to be seen
Next thing I felt something down my pant seem
The only thing that could save me was a bathroom right away
All shop owners said dumb gringo go away

I ran into an alley pulled down my pants
Some local federalies just happened to catch me by a glance
They wondered what I was doing so they came over to ask
I told them I had a taco and there’s a fire in my ass
I paid them fifty dollars to let me go free
Ran across the border no more tacos for me.