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He Who Would Valium Take Chords

(intro C F C G7 C)
    C                      F
The car that's parked on a pavement narked
  C             G7            C 
Pedestrians and children with chalk
Their games, their shapes, their capers, their japes
   C           G7               C
Destroyed by a thoughtless shitehawk.
                             F                     C                 G
And yea though I walk in the road to get past, I'm not in the least afraid
    C                       F
For soon I shall fly to the sweet by and by
 C          G7            C
Away from a world without shade.
                         F                  C           G7          C
A streaker streaks and a nation shrugs at a saucer-like disc in the sky
  C                 F
A stag weekend is a poor weekend
       C       G7          C
If the army is not on standby.
Pub grub, pub games, pub bands, pub names
    C                          G
The Pit Bull that's great with kids
   C                      F
If Chelsea, Chantelle and Jordan should gel
   C              G7         C
My fears would be laid to my skids.
                             F                  C        G7       C
The maverick cops with their average flasks and boring unorthodox ways
    C                  F
The previous life as a Pharaoh's wife
   C        G7            C
Is mightily irksome these days.
                      F                    C                         G
The Lady In Red hides under the bed from a husband who quotes Chubby Brown
     C                         F
It's cold and it's wet and the knell of regret
   C              G7        C
Is pealing throughout every town
                  G7        C
Is pealing throughout every town.

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