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Here Tonight Chords

Here Tonight
By: Hale


C	x32013			F	xx3213
G	320013			Dm	xx0231
Am	x02213



   C    G          Am          F    
     So long, to you, my love
              C       G           Dm     G          
     Don't be, afraid to runaway
   C    G             Am       F
     I know you'll be okay
             C                 G         Dm  G    
     Just take you're time to find

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                            C                       G
     But/Cause I need you here tonight
        Dm                    F
     I need you here inside
        C                       G
     I need you here tonight
        Dm                              F(pause)          C-G-Am-F
     I really, really need you here,           tonight

 Verse2: (repeat verse chords)
     Made up my mind on this
     It's too late for me to hold you back
     Maybe too short or tall to cry for you
     But I will anyway


Verse3: (repeat verse chords)

     It's all my fault, to feel this way
     For you that day
     I know that I am, and I will
     Always wrong, so wrong, so wrong