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Just This Side Of Heaven Chords

                   Just This Side Of Heaven (Hal-Lelujah)
Capo 3 Play D/A/G

Just this side of Heaven... there's a little white house.
Take a right at the Pearly Gates:.. go 'bout a quarter mile south.
There's an Angel sittin' on a front porch swing In a cotton gown .
waitin' on you gettin' in.
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Hallejulah, I can see the shimmer of the porch light glow.
Hallejulah, I can see her shadow in the soft halo.
(Bm)                                            (G#m)
Gonna take her in my arms an' hold her tight,
Love her like a devil and spend all night.. just this side.... of Heaven.

Just this side of Heaven, I was a lonely soul.
Till I found my salvation in the woman I hold.
I swear her love is spiritual:
Nothin' short of a miracle.. for me.


And her hair falls down like a gentle rain,
Makin' music, gonna tell her, of callin' my name.
Hey, yeah.


Just this side.......... of Heaven.

Just this side............. of Heaven.

To fade.