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Time Gone By Chords

Cadd9   032033
G       320033           
D       000232
(b.D.G.)  020033
C       032010
A       002220
        TIME GONE BY
Cadd9             G
The time has gone by
D             (b.D.G)
I cant, I cant forget you
Cadd9                   G
I      start       to   cry
boy you know you were being cruel
Cadd9         G  
baby         think about
D                  (b.D.G.)
the things that you said
Cadd9        D             G
was it the right thing to do
You had that             cute smile
and that sharp attitude
and everything I hope for
G           D                   C
we were the picture perfect couple
D        D                 G
from the corresponding wardrobe
     D                G
to my hand perfect in yourS
D                           G
If i knew it would end like this
I wouldnt have said

G          D            C    D
What do I  say now that your gone
G          D          C       D
we were so close there was no wrong
G            D  C   D
You left angry very late
G                         D      C     D
How could I know it would end in your fate
G           C         D
You were in Love with me
G            C         D
You ment the world to me
G                       D
You left so fast when i started to cry
I heard the crash 
and could not believe my eyes
G                   D
you were gone in an instant 
C                       A 
and i knew that you had died,
G                D
I stood there in shock
C           D
as time flew by
G                       D      C    D       
How did i know it would end in your fate
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