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Date: 9/18/96; 12:04:03 AM
From: Darragh Egan 
Subject: Daddy Frank(crd) by Merle Haggard


Written by Merle Haggard - Tree Pub. Co. Inc. / CBS Music Group (BMI), 1971?
Transcribed from: Merle Haggard, "Collectors Series" - Capitol Records, 1990.
Original single released in 1971.

SPOKEN INTRO [no music]: Let me tell you about a song that I feel explains
itself.  It's called: "Daddy Frank, the Guitar Man."

INTRO:    | D       | A       | D[stop]      | [NC]
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CHORUS:         |D               |              |             |
          Daddy Frank played the guitar and the french harp,
          |                 |             |A        |
          Sister played the ringing tambourine.
          |             |               |          |
          Mama couldn't hear our pretty music,
              |                 |                 |D           |
          She read our lips and helped the family sing.

          That [D]little band was all a part of living,
          And our only means of living at the [A]time;
          And it wasn't like no normal family combo,
          Cause Daddy Frank the guitar man was [D]blind.

|G             |               |D          |
Frank and mama counted on each other;
      |G           |                  |Bm          |
Their one and only weakness made them strong.
|G           |               |D           |
Mama did the driving for the family,
    |Bm          |             |A           |
And Frank made a living with a song.

|G              |              |D           |
Home was just a camp along the highway;
  |G              |               |Bm          |
A pick-up bed was where we bedded down.
      |G          |            |D           |
Don't ever once remember going hungry,
       |D      G    |D      A      |D        |D       [