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What Is Love Bass Tab

artist: Haddaway
song: What Is Love
tabber: Master tabber zinn

I'll take this time to introduce myself. The name's Zinn. I play in the band 
called The Apes Of Wrath.look us up on basstabarchive.com. We tour around 
the north shore of Mass. and play night clubs in Boston. You'll probably 
hear more about us after high school in a few years. If u wanna learn more 
about us go to www.geocities.com/Half_Baked_Bass/halfbaked.html
well, enough said, here's the tab....
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  this is simplicity at it's finest.
    or play it with the same sound like this.

I'd like to have a summer tour this summer of 2000.
       If you are a band member of a band around or near Boston or on the 
East shore. E-mail me and we could possibly add you to our bill. We're on 
the BoRn AnD RaZeD tour going around different night clubs and earning cash. 
I'd LIke to have a big outdoor concert this summer. Well, c ya, e-mail me.