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Life In The Bloodstream Chords

The Guess Who

by John 9/21/98
fill 1:                          fill 2:
e:----------------------------   -------------------|
B:----------------------------   -------------------|
G:---2--0---------------------   -------------------|
D:---------2------------------   -------------------|
A:------------3---------------   ---3--2--0---------|
E:----------------------------   ------------3------|

Intro: (fill 1) C      Am    F     G   x2
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C                      Am            F     G
You don't believe that this whole universe
C                    Am              Fm    G
Could be inside your little sister's purse
C                        C7            F   Fm
You don't believe you're just a living glob
     C             G7               C  (fill 2)G7
Like Lucy, Freddy, Ricky, Frank and Bob

C  Am       F            G
Life in the bloodstream, baby
C  Am    Fm      G
Life - a natural progression
      C  C7        F          Fm
We're li-fe in the bloodstream
C                 G7                      C    Am  F  G
I hope little boy don't fall and skin his knee(fill 1)

C         Am           F       G
Ain't it hard when you discover
     C          Am           Fm  G
Your energy has left you for ano-ther
C                 C7                 F   Fm
Don't it make you wanna lay down and cry
          C             G7              C  (fill 2)G7
When they tell you it's time for you to die

Sax solo (verse chords)
end with intro pattern