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Freedom Taking Over Chords

"Freedom Taking Over Feat. Don Carlos" de "Groundation" Album: "Hebron Gate"

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D       A		          D  Bm F#
Zion, dreaming from an Iron gate
D          A	D     Bm  F#	    
Dragon, fire ago burn dem all

Jah gonna start the revolution       Bm A

Bm ( 3 fois)	A
The light struck the night,
Too indiscipline a battle dem fight
Walk and talk they steal, mash dem down we will
With the strength of a lion stand still
Iya, Iya, war today, oh steal I hear war today-ay-ay
The youth dem call upon the elders of which we seek after
The Congo Man a chanting, oh dem Congo Man a chant...

Oh the youth dem know, but what they cannot see
Is how dem use to laugh, and then kick upon we
Oh all the youth don't know, of all those tears we cry
Yes oh this Rastaman life, oh of this Rastaman life

A				D
And you can hear them shouting changes
                            G               Gmb                     A
From out of the minds and thoughts of our children

Bm (3fois)                  A
Here in desolate places
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Bm (3fois)			A
Oh we give thanks and praises to dem elders
For the guidance we are after
Oh we give thanks and praises to dem elders
For unto them we know that
No one shall stand alone tonight
Shall run, run tonight, shall stand alone tonight
Shall run, run tonight
Long before this war we use to cry and use to lie in bed
With visions of fire running red,
And so we call upon these elders instead
Don Carlos at the control

G#m(3fois)		F#
Wo yeah! Wo yeah! Now (4x)
See them come up along the road, oh I can see them
Some walk by day and some stalk by night
Oh Rastafari shall greet them in the end
And so de man run up so long, so long, Oh, Lord!
Beaten dem down, shootin' dem down
Oh it's a poor man's battle for the youth man stalk

And the rich dem run away
                  D               C#m      G#m
Seems like de don't know dem right from wrong
But I see the youth will fight tonight, wow

                           D            C#m            G#m
Look how they jump, and shriek and moan
                                           Bm             A
For natty coming over: Oh freedom taking over