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Hows It Gonna Go Chords

Intro : D A Bm G

Chorus : 
How's it gonna go?
Tell me what your thinkin'
I can't get a read on you
I'm sick of waiting by the phone
Hoping it starts ringing.
Bm                             G
I played the fool like this before.
But no more
No more
No more
No more

Verse : (same chords as before)
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I never thought that I'd be tangled in the ropes
Til the woman in my dreams took a shit inside my soul
Before that, I figured I could pay the toll
Til I understood how powerful love could be as a whole.
You ain't shit til the kiss goes sour
Leaving you singing Anthony Hamilton in shower.
Run around, play those games
If you think I'm gonna fall for them again you're crazy
And I ain't saying that I'm past it
I'm just saying you don't seem the type to even ask if
There's something we can do to be a better match
Or if we even share a common interest either one of us is passionate about.
This isn't love; this is two people fucking
Each other over, making nothing out of something
Baby, you cold frontin' if you think I'm gonna stay.
Cause you can't even look me in the face.


Verse :

I think it's time we set it straight
It shouldn't be allowed to go another day.
You dodge calls like a bullet in the Matrix
And got me waiting round and running out of my patience
Say it! Let me know the problem,
If we can't work it out, what makes you think we can share an apartment?
That's right, I heard you talking
With your girlfriends getting drunk of vodka.
And I ain't saying that you're stupid
I'm just saying you and I ain't really been target practice for Cupid.
Baby you know it's true
Nothing else we can do
Cause I don't plan on continuing as your little fool.
This isn't love; this is daytime television.
A soap opera with a bunch of little skeletons
I've known better, I would recognize the taste
So I think it's time we went our separate ways.

[Chorus] x2