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The Grouch Chords

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The Grouch chords version by Green Day.
I saw this song in tab on OLGA and thought it incredibly difficult. Here
is my transcription of it which I hope you find a lot easier!!!

This song is one of the easiest I know to play so here goes..

At the beginning it goes

A  E   A   D   A   D   E
/// /// /// /// /// /// /
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The words are:
I was a young buy that had big plans
Now Im just another shitty old man
I don't have fun and I hate everything
The world owes me so fuck you

Glory days don't mean shit to me
I drunk/took a six pack of apathy
Life's a bitch and so am I
The world owes me so fuck you

Then the pattern stays the same through the first bit of the chorus but
at the point where Billie and Mike sing together:
"I had a young and optimistic point of view"

F#m  D A    E
////  / //// ///
(by the way / means to play the chord)
and for you who dont know F# is a bar chord. You play the E-shape on the
second fret but lift up your second finger.

Then the next verse is the same music wise but the words are:

I've decomposed yet my gut's getting fat
Oh my god Im turning out like my dad
Im always rude I've got a bad attitude
The world owes me so fuck you

The wifes a nag and the kids fucking up
I don't have sex 'cos I can't get it up
Im just a grouch sitting on the couch
The world owes me so fuck you

The world owes me so fuck you.
The world owes me so fuck youuuuu

and end on a D.