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                          Road To Acceptance, Green Day
                         This score by: Bill Dunn

Tuning- Standard.  Like most punk songs

This song is definitaly one of the greatest songs they did, and it has by far
the coolest bassline.  It's unbelievable how undercredited Mike is, because
he's one hell of a good bassist.  Here are all the riffs.

Duration Legend
W - whole
H - half
Q - quarter
E - 8th
S - 16th
T - 32nd
X - 64th

Riff 1:  Pre verse riff.  This is played once before every verse.

  Q  E Q  E E E   E E E Q  E E E   E E E Q  E E E   +E  Q  Q  E E    E
[ tr- Trill to the 5th fret]

Riff 2: Verse riff.  Some very easy stuff.  Im not really sure of the correct
rythm, but this is one of those songs where a rythm doesnt matter for bass
just as long as it keeps the tune.

    Q  E Q  E E E   E E E Q  E E E   E E E Q  E E E   E E E Q  E E E
I just waste my time just wondering, what the next man thinks of me...

Riff 3: Pre chorus riff.  Self Explainitory
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    E E E E E E E E   E E E E E E E E   E E E E E E E E   E E E E E E E E
And i feel forgotten, feel like rotten...

  Q  +E  Q  +E  Q    +W           Q  +E  Q  +E  Q    +W

Riff 4: Chorus and Bridge riff, my favorite riff!  This the best part for the
bassist.  It's a quick progression, but if you work at it, it'll be easy
for you.

    Q  Q  E Q  E   +E  E Q  E E E E   Q  Q  E Q  E   +E  E Q  E E E E

  Q  Q  E Q  E   +E  E Q  E E E E   Q  Q  E Q  E   
|--------------|------------------|--------------|-(see below)--------o||

Riff 4 Variation 1: Look Familier?

  +E  Q  Q  E E    E

Riff 4 Variation 2: (can also be used in riff 1) Replace the last 
measure with this a few times when playing, it's a good change of pace.
  +E  E E E E E E E

(hey!  If there's any i missed, let me know)

Riff 5: Post chorus riff.  Very easy stuff
                  1.                  2.
    Q  Q  E Q  E   +E  E Q  Q  Q      +E  E Q  Q  Q    E E Q  Q  Q
It's just like a brain, when it goes insane...

This is a fun song to play.  Come to think of it, every song on the first
album is fun to play.  I hope you enjoy this one.
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