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Reject Chords

I played this on acoustic, so I apologize if it sounds a little
too funky and not enough "punky" for Green Day.

Play a half-step down

Verse 1:
C                        Am
Who the Hell are you to tell me
       D7                        G7
What I am, and what's my master plan

C                              Am
What makes you think that it includes you
                D7                          G7
Self-righteous wealth, stop flattering yourself
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F              Bb                 C
So when the smoke clears here I am
F          Bb        C
Your reject all American
F                       C
Sucking up your social stands
        C            Am
Giving you a nervous wreck
    F                             G7
To hell and back and hell again I've gone
                C   F C                 C   F C                     
You're not my type       You're not my type               

Verse 2: 

C                              Am
What's the difference between you and me
             D7                          G7
I do what I want and you do what you're told.
C                      Am
So listen up, shut the Hell up, 
             D7                        G7
it's no big deal, and I'll see you in Hell. 



(Note: It might sound better as a D instead of D7 . Likewise for G7 .
I prefer D7 and G7 . It's easier to change chords that way.)