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Redundant Chords

hey, i thought the other chords for this song didn't sound quite right so this is 
what me & a friend came up with:
Chords used:
A:    x02220
D:    xx0232
E:    022100
G5:   35(5)
A/G#: 422200
A/G:  322200
F#:   244322
Bm:   x24432

A              D       A      D A
   we're livin in repetition
                D                E  G5
content in the same old shtick again
A                D            A       D A
   now routines turnin to contention
               D               E
like a produdction line going over & over & over rollercoaster
[ Tab from: ]
Now i cannot speak
i've lost my voice
A/G             F#
speechless & redundant
       Bm             D                  A       E *
coz i love you's not enough; i'm lost for words

*= you could use E5 (x79(9)) here but a regular E sounds just as gd

The second verse has the same chord progression as the first. lyrics:

choreographed & lack of passion
prototypes of what we were
one full circle until i'm nauseous
taken for granted now i waste it, faked it, ate it now i hate it

there's a bit which goes roughly

to finish:
chorus x2
for the best sound finish on A
the strumming is mainly just down strokes in the verses due to the quick choppy 
chord changes. for the chorus just improv. thanks for checkin out my tab much luv //_^