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Missing You Chords

Band : Green Day
Song : Missing You
Album : °Tre!
Year : 2012

Chords Used :
A   : x02220
E   : 022100
D   : xx0232
F#m : 244222
C#m : x46654

Today we just can hear 1min15 of this very good song, so here is the chords ! The song 
is coming soon, I'll uptade this tab !
Thanks Jean Lima for the lyrics, enjoy ! :)

A    E    D
F#m  D  E A   x2

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       A           C#m  D                                   A
Waking up feeling naked in my clothes inside a room thatís vacant
           A          C#m
Lost my nerve, itís unnerving
D                 E               A
I know there is something Iím forgetting
    D           A        E      A      D    
  A       E       A
I searched the moon, I lost my head, I even looked under the bed
   D           A        E        A
I punched the walls, I hit the streets
D                 E
Iím pounding the pavement looking
A      E       D
  Iím missing you
A      C#m     D    E
  Iím missing you
A        E     D                              E
  Youíre not around and Iím a complete disaster
A      C#m     D
  Iím missing you ..

A    E    D
F#m  D  E A