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Life During Wartime Chords

Life during wartime

        G            C                     D
Yeah we say making changes starts in the little things you do
 G             C                   D
Revolution begins at home but for most of us it ends there too, and
Em                      C                  Em                    C
Doing something we're making changes like changing the brand of crap we buy,
Em                   C                    D           G
We say it makes a difference but that's just another lie.
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G                     C        D
It used to be us and them and you and me
             G                C          D
And now we can't reach our potential without a common enemy,
  Em            C                 Em              C
A real war to fight against, set of our petty disagreements,
Em              C         D                   G 
How can I rationalize my life during wartime lie.

   C                  G
A call to action and a reaction,
C                     G
Taking our lives in our own hands,
C                   G                            C               D
Instead of sitting around and talking about the same old shitty bands
    Em           C
But war is going on right now,
        Em              C
And I'm not doing anything about it,
    Em               C
Without a crowd I'm not so loud,
  Em            C         D
I can't do anything by myself,
But that's just another lie.