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Jackass Chords

Jackass-Green Day

C= 	x32010
C/E= 	x20010
Am=	x02210
D=	xx0232
G5=	355xxx
F5=	133xxx
C5=	x355xx
Em=	022000
Bm=	x24432
G=	320033
G/F#=	200033
E=	022100

C	C/E	Am (3x)
G5	F5	C5 (4x)

Verse 1
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G					               D
To know you is to hate you. Loving you must be like suicide
C	C/E	Am
I 	donít	mind
   C	C/E	Am
If you	donít   mind 
      C     C/E    Am                 D
Well, I am not the one whoís going to die

Verse 2
Same as verse 1


Em			   Bm
Everybody loves a joke but no-one likes a fool
C							G	G/F#
Youíre always cracking the same odd lines again
Em		     Bm
But every verse that was started was stated clear
C				D
So no-one understands your verity


Sax solo:
G5	F5	C5 (4x)

Guitar solo:
D	C	G (4x)

Verse 3
Same as verse 1, but the last line is:

	C    	C/E 	Am	Am	E
Youíre was-	ting	 all 	your 	time