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In The End Chords

Note : played in power chords. Whenever you see a chord and the number 5, that means its 
power chord, but really you can play it however you choose

Intro : Simply A5  G5  A5  G5

Verse 1

    A5           G5               A5             G5
All brawn and no brains yeah, and all those nice things yeah
    A5      G5           A5   G5
You finally got what you want.
A5         G5              A5             G5
Someone to look good with, and light your cigarette,
A5           G5         A5(hold)
Is this what you really want?

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D5             E5
I Figured out, what youre all about and
A5                         F#
I dont think I like What I see...
  D5                      E5                   A5   G5 A5  G5
I hope I wont be there in the end if you come around

Verse 2

    A5           G5          A5           G5
How long will he last before he's a creep in the past
A5        G5          A5   G5
And youre alone once again?
     A5         G5        A5        G5
Will you pop up again and be my spe-cial friend
    A5          G5             A5(hold)
Til the end and when will that be?

Then repeat the chorus, go A5  G5  3 times, hold A5 before repeating chorus again, go A5 
G5  3 more times,  and thats the end.