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Green Day Chords

Your probably wondering what the heck is this. this is a song by green day. oh my starz
didnt konw they had more than two albums (american idiot and 21st century breakdown)
is a different kid of song compared to american idiot or 21 guns or wake me up when 
ends. this is a punk rock song.

This is THE song that got green day there name. (also cause they smoked weed all day)
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This song is off their first album 39/smooth, and later on the compilation album
out slappy hours
  so here it is

intro (im not typing the lyrics cause im lazy)

b     a     d     b

bass lick

g#     e     b


e^     d     c#     b     f#     a  e


g#     e     b

so thats it yay