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GREEN DAY =====================    Here are the power chords for
                                           most of the songs on this album.
        1,039/SMOOTHED OUT SLAPPY HOURS    Look at which chords are used for
        ===============================    a particular song then listen to
                                           the CD to get the number of times 
        TRANSCRIPTION BY: BRIAN WECK       each chord is strummed. Most of 
                                           these are not exact, but if you
        DUQUESNE UNIVERSITY  94'-95'       just have a slight ear for music 
                                           you will have no problem figuring
        PITTSBURGH PA                      the songs out.  Everything here
                                           is done in standard tuning.

Intro: D   C   D   C   D   B
         a   a   a   a   a   <============= These mean that you play that
                                             note in between the riffs.
       G  B  C  D
       E  D  E  D  E  D  C
       G  D


             B  A  D   B
       A B A         A

       A     F#
         E B    B a#


       A  F#  G  D

       B  C  G


Intro: B  E  D  B 

       G#  E  B

       E        D  C#  B  F#  A    E
   (7th fret)                   (7th fret)

       G#  E  B


       E  D  A

       D  A  E  D  A

       D  A  E  D

       A  E  F#  D

       A  D  A  D  A  D  A  D  A  D  A

       A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A

       B  A  E

       C  D  B             C  D  B
              A B C B A B          A B C B A B

       G  F       <===== arpeggio this...
       a#  A  G   <===== and this  
       G  F

       a#  A  G

[ Tab from: ]

       G  F  C

       C  D    G  F  G    C  D    G  F  G  

       C  D    C  D    G  F  G   G  F  G

1,000 HOURS


      F  F#  F  F#  F  F#  F  F#



      G#  C  C#  G#

      G#  C  C#  D# <===== (6th fret)

      C#  G#  C#  G#  C#  D#

      G#  F  F#  G  F  F#

      F  G  D  B

      A  B  D  E  <=====(7th fret)

      F  G  D  B

      B  A  F#  E  F#  E E  F#  F#  E E  F#  E  

Paper Lanterns
GREEN DAY   (1039 / Smoothed Out Slappy Hours)

This post is for all you true Green Day fans who have heard more than Basket Case, When I
Come Around, and Longview.  This is not for the people who say, "What?!  Green Day has more
than one album???"  In any case, here goes:

(INTRO:  A G-G D-D A-A   all barre chords)

	(verse 1)
A	         G
Now I rest my head from
	  D		A
Such an endless dreary time.
A                          G
A time of hope and happiness
        D                    A
That had you on my mind.
A                                   G
Those days are gone and now it seems
     D                   A
As if I'll get some rest.
A              	       G
But now and then I'll see you again
       D                          A
And put my heart to the test.

D                           E                      A-A D-A
So when are all my problems going to end?
D                        E
I'm understanding now that we are
A      D
Only friends.
          G                    D
To this day I'm asking why
(N.C.)                        A G-G D-D A-A
I still think about you.

	(verse 2)
As the days go on I wonder
will this ever end?
I find it hard to keep control
When you with your boyfriend.
I do not mind if all I an is
Just a friend to you.
But all I want to know right now
Is if you think about me too.