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Great white - In the tradition
Can't Get There From Here, Released 1999.

I didn't find this one anywhere so I thought id take a shot at it myself.
Ive made this one after i've listened to the song only a couple of times, so there may 
be some misstakes, sorry 'bout that.
I'd be happy if you'd send your comments, thoughts or corrections to my mail.

Hope you like it & remember to star it if it helped you out.

Love, Peace & Rock*n*Roll!

Andreas G,

Standard Tuning


EM G x2 (Hammer the chords here)

Em                    C        G       D

Here I am hearin' the same old good advice

Em                            C          G           D
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Surrounded by fools who could swear each heart loves twice

C                            G

I can't pretend everything's good

C                            D

Believe me I wish that I could

Em                   C

I can't fake a smile through the evenin'

G                          D

I'll probably crack if the pain's too strong


Play a song for me


But it has to be

G                   D         Em

In the tradition of love gone wrong

Intro x2

I've noticed today I have one less friend to call
And no one to tell me it's all right as my world starts to fall
I'm doing the best that I can
And I've had all the help I can stand

I'm ready to crash, yes I am
But I'll hide it the best that I can