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Angel Song Chords

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Great White

The Angel Song

am	      Fm                C               G
Fallen angel ripped and bruised think of better days.

am            Fm              C                G
Life is Rude..treats you bad, tears you wings away.
am		Fm               C                G
Raise you eyes, to star and skys,beleive in flyer ways.

am               Fm                 C                 D
Take your dreams,broken scheams,and sweep the past away.
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        am          G       Fm
	fly lonley angel....high above these streets of fire.
        am          G       Fm
	fly lonley angel....far awyay from mad desires.( Leave Behind the mad desires)

am                                Fm                 G
Hollywood aint paved with gold...its just a trick of lie.

am			      Fm                G
sunset falls on stars of old..blind you with it light.

am                                Fm                   G
spiders web of tangled lives they stertched across the hills.

distant says its glistaning like El Darados halls.
A dream of lights and frequent lives
but how are you to know
streets are hard,there meanings scared where olny fool find gold.