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Song For The Angels Chords

This seemed easy once I'd done it, but working it out took a while. I'm pretty sure it's
correct or at least so close no one will notice :) I've taken special care to place the
chord changes right were they should be.

E    022100
Abm  466444
Dbm  446654
B    224442
A    577655

E			Abm
echo your yell, and ripple your dive,

Dbm	 B	   A(op)     
current under your wave, 

Abm         A 		    E		       B
electricity flows through me, I send it out to you

E                         Abm
we were charged, with the pounding pulse, 

Dbm  B       A(op)
of a million years
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Abm          A
And millions before us,

E                        B
Have trembled with their fears

E                    Abm
Never Saw you, Never heard you

Dbm             B        A(op)
But I knew that you were there

Abm                  A              E
Everywhere, I could feel you, all around me

These same chords are repeated through the rest of the song, the only difference between
verse and chorus is that the chorus stays on the E at the end. This is a lovely song and
easy to strum, though it's partly picked on the recording. I've put the lyrics down as I
think they are sung rather than how they are written on the CD insert. For the rest or
the lyrics, buy the CD it's superb! Enjoy playing and singing!