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Moving Pictures Silent Films Chords

This song essentially has two parts: the finger-picking, and the strumming of chords.
are both pretty easy to play and sound really tasty. Listen to the song to find when
the lyrics you should either finger-pick or strum.

For the finger-picking, I prefer to play the whole thing on the A and D strings because
you can just slide down the neck, and get that oh-so-authentic squeaking from the
like he does on the album.


Just do that over and over again, and time it up with the singing.
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As for the strumming, it's very simple, and I can line that up with the lyrics for you.
is the first time through that he plays it, but it also matches up with other lyrics as
bit confusing, but you'll get the hang of it.

G              F#m
Where have you been?
    Em           D      C
And what have you done?
          D         G
I've been under the ground
F#m      Em          D        C
Reading prayers from this old book I found
D         G
Under the ground
F#m        Em
Saving it up
    D           C
And spending it all
   D      And here you go back into the finger-picking
On moving pictures

This is my first tab and I hope you enjoy!