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I Could Be Nothing Chords

	         I could be nothing - Great Lake Swimmers
Tabbed by:Puppet Spider

Tuning: Normal tuning

This is great simple song that proves what you can do with three chords if you are
truly gifted! I worked it out by just strumming along and I'm sure this is spot on
for the chords. Sorry I'm not up to working out the full picking tab... simple chords
ony from me!

Gm   355333
Dm   557765
A    577655

Gm              Dm
Goes on forever along the shoreline

A                     Dm
Never will end on the shores of my mind

Gm                   Dm
Travel along til the sleep takes me in

A                       Dm
Where have I ended where do I begin

Gm                              Dm
Sand blankets are littered with stones whipped across

A                            Dm
Dead things in the water forgotten or lost
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Gm                         Dm
Branches have surfaces and now they are lean

A                                  Dm
Trees have washed up here stripped bare and washed clean

Gm                          Dm
The waves kiss and gently caress on the shore

A                        Dm
Kissing and winking and calling for more

G                      Dm
The waves like wagging tongues do adore

A                             Dm
And whisper the softly to the sand on the shore

Gm           Dm              A
You would be nothing without me

A          Dm
I could be nothing

Dm       Gm           Dm
Said the waves to the sand

Dm         A               Dm
I could be nothing without you

These same chords are repeated through the rest of the song. The actual song uses
a picking style and a lot of banjo, but these chords work spot on to strum your guitar
and sing along around your campfire or along with the CD ;) For the rest of the lyrics
buy the CD because I'm not much of a typist.