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Demon Called Deception Chords

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* Song : Demon Called Deception
* Words & Music by Grant Lee Phillips
* Tabbed by ; biglice33

No tab for this one ? I don't understand why, this is a really great song :)
I play this Grant Lee Buffalo song like this... this is just what i heard...
I hope you'll like it !

For me the all song is based on only two chords, but if you listened to
some live version of the song, Grant Lee doesn't use a capo, and the chords
are different (I heard a Em and a G...)

So please, rate & comment ! ;)

Capo ; 1st fret
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Am                                F
Iím in tight with a demon called deception
Am                                    F
Itís alright heís a treating me quite well
Am                               F
Iím in tight with a demon called deception
Am                          F
Heís right beside me when I fail

Am                                                F
To whisper words like brother nothiní here is any good
See the birds theyíre a dropping like a star wormwood
And all I wanted was a little patch of green
We were peasants and the cotton was our king

And in the fields till I sing a prisonerís song
Well deception whistles right along
Right along

Charlie sang for a pocket full of pills
While deception was a clickin' his high heels
Weíre in tight playing seven one night stands
And deception made me as I am

As I am
As I am
As I am
As I am
Im in tight
Im in tight
Im in tight

Truth is Im in tight
I barely saw the light
Just as it clicked in
Something saved my skin
Something saved my skin