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Jed The Humanoid Chords

Song:      Jed The Humanoid
Artist:    Grandaddy
Album:     The Sophtware Slump
Tabbed by: Jason Mangan
Date:      4-3-2001

Chords Used:
    Em   C    G   D/F#

1st Verse:
Em                              C
Last night something pretty bad happened
We lost a friend,
All shocked and broken
            C          G
Shut down exploded
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2nd Verse:
Jeddy 3 is what we first called him
Then it was Jed,
But Jed's system's dead
Therefore so is Jed

3rd Verse:
We assembled him in the kitchen
From out of this and,
From out of that and,
Whatever was at hand

4th Verse:
When we were finished Jed we were so proud
We celebrated
We congratulated
At what we'd created

5th Verse:
Jed could run or walk sing or talk and
Compile thoughts and
Solve lots of problems
We learned so much from him

6th Verse:
A couple of years went by and something happened
We gave Jed less attention,
We had new inventions
We left for a convention

7th Verse:
Jed had found our booze and drank every drop
He fizzled and popped,
He rattled and knocked
And finally he just stopped.

The End.