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Strong Boy Chords

 "Strong Boy"(Parsons)
  From "Safe at Home"(1968)

  Use a capo on the second fret.
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  Intro: D   
     D                 G
  Strong boy, You're wrong, boy,
  you think you got my baby now 
       E7                     A
  but this fight ain't quite won
       D               G
  You sure did make a mighty big mistake
       D              A                D            G
  big muscles aint enough to make her run away from me
       D                  A          D
  She knows what kind of lover I can be

  strong boy,you're wrong boy,
  my baby likes to have her fun
  but I'm the one she loves
  you made your pass,
  you did fine in your class
  but all that you've been holding
  is a glove without a hand
  you may be her boy but I'm her man

  olo over intro and verse chords 

 strong boy,you're wrong boy.
 you leave women everywhere,
 you never get your fill 
 you lost the prize,
 my heart is twice your size,
 how does it feel now that you've 
 found one thrill you cant try?
 stick around and watch my love go by