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Loves Not For Me Chords

Chords are in standard tuning. I believe Graham himself uses alternative tuning.
I'm not sure what.

Dm   Bbmaj7   Dm   Bbmaj7

Dm          Gm  
I've always run away
C                F
From things that tie me down
Emb7      A
My life I love
                   Dmb7   G   C   F
But love's not for me

Dm       Gm
I see my goal ahead
C            F
With nothing in the way
Emb7           A
If love should come
Then I'll run away
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Chorus                                      Bb/D       C/D
D           Bb/D             C/D            --x--     --x--
I've always been the type of man            --3--     --5--
          Bb/D         D                    --3--     --5--
Who's dedicated to his cause                --3--     --5--
           Gm            C                  --5--     --5--
And it's a lonely road I run                --x--     --x--
                       C/E   F
But I'll stay faithful to my course
             A              Dm       Bbmaj7
There's only one direction  oooh

Solo same chords as in verse

D             Bb/D               C/D
There comes a time when you must choose
          Bb/D              D
About the path you're gonna take
             Gm             C
And you must take it win or lose
                     C/E     F
And if you lose it's your mistake
There's only one direction

Dm          Gm
So when the race is won
C                   F
And there's nothing left to do
Emb7    A                 Dm      Dm/C
Alone again but where are you
Emb7   A                  Dmb7    G   C   F
Alone again but where are you