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Over You Chords

intro:  F C G Dm 2x

[Verse 1]

F    C         G     Dm
Lay down your armour baby

No need to fight no more

Coz i have been wondering darling

We should just stop this war

but itís alright
Dm            G
nothing lasts forever baby
   Dm        G
itís alright
Dm          G
now i can dance

[ Tab from: ]
      C          F
coz Iím over you
Am         G
this time is the last time
C            F
Iím over you
Am          G
I can change
C           F
said I am over love
Am             G
this time is the last time
G#          C
always my love

[Verse 2]

no need for arguments
just walk through the door baby
sometimes I donít know what weíre talking about
you lose yourself i lose myself baby

but its alright
nothing lasts forever baby
its alright
now I can dance

[Chorus repeated]

Am                        G
And maybe yeah it took a long time
      Dm                                   C
when youíre running away from truths you canít find
Am                   G
maybe yeah it was a hard time
G#             Cm
when love had gone

[Chorus repeated]2x