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Lose Some Time Chords

Lose Some Time 
Grace Potter And The Nocturnals
Chords by Is Smith israelgsmith[at]gmail[dot]com

[Intro D Dsus D 2x]

D                 Dsus               D       Dsus [every line of every verse]
You've got a baby pretty as a Creole queen
And my old man's got eyes of blue and green
But you took me dancing when our lovers weren't around
You called it losing time in the in between

C   G   D
Ohh ohh ohh

Could be all the booze we drank in Austin
Could be we're just scared of growing old
Could be this ain't no way of living
But there ain't nothing like that rock 'n roll
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 D            A                            G                    D
And when that light shines on you baby you know it - soothes my soul
D       A                        G                 D
Finding time to lose with you is water - in the dust bowl
I got arms to hold me every night
    G                          D     E
But I'm still sleeping - with a ghost
     F             G
Your kisses are so sweet and slow
   F                 E                 D
It feels alright as long as they don't know

We rolled out of a hotel room in Georgia
Just in time to say a quick goodbye
But you don't even look over your shoulder
You're thinking how you'll look your baby in the eye


F     G            D
Swe - et like sugarcane
F    G                 D
Slo-ow like a midnight train
    F            G                D
You like to call me every now and then
    F                    G              A
And I just can't wait to lose some time again
A  G         F     D 
   lose some time again

[chorus] ... as long as nobody knows
Nobody knows [D]