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Wild Love Chords

Wild Love – Gossling

* Rhythm is two fast strums on the 2nd beat of each chord

** play Bm as a 2nd fret Am shape barre chord and then play Aadd6/B by taking off all 
your fingers except your first finger doing the barre. i.e. Add6/B is x22222

Bm* (8)  Bm (8)  Bm (8)  Bm (8)

[Verse 1]

Bm(4)                   Aadd6/B** (4)   Bm (8)
I was sour and I never wanted love to start
Bm(4)                   Aadd6/B (4)       Em (8)
I thought, love keeps, for now we’ll stand apart
Bm                Aadd6/B     Bm
I kept thoughts on how to be alone
Bm                Aadd6/B       Em
Oh, now I feel my love for you can grow

[Pre Chorus] (single strums on D chords)

D (6)                          Bm (8)
Make and noise so I know you’re there
D (6)                      Bm (8)
Just a touch is enough for me my dear

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/g/gossling/wild_love_crd.html ]
G(4)                    Bm                         D          
Take up my heartstring, play me what love brings, show me your lover ways
G(4)         Bm        G          Bm
Let feelings flow, tell all you know
G(4)                    Bm                  D                 G
Show me you would be, the one who could be, all that I ever crave
G(4)     Bm     G     Bm
The fire of, my Wild Love

Bm   Bm   Bm

[Verse 2]

Bm                  Aadd6/B           Bm
The way through our lives with another one
Bm                  Aadd6/B             Em
Is the lone way our hearts won’t come undone
Bm         Aadd6/B          Bm
I took some time to come to you
Bm          Aadd6/B    Em
But, now I see the reason my love grew

[Pre Chorus and Chorus]

Electric Guitar Solo @ 2:24  - follow chords in chorus except last two chords are F#

 |:                             |1st time :|2nd time       |

[Pre Chorus and Chorus]

And repeat last line of chorus