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Y Fford Oren Chords

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Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 22:44:43 -0300
From: Rodrigo 
Subject: g/gorkeys_zygotic_mynci/y_fford_oren.crd

Y FFORDD OREN - (Childs) By Gorky's Zygotic Mynci 
>From the album Tatay or Introducing Gorky's Zygotic Mynci

Chords by Rodrigo Antunes (gorky@ruralrj.com.br)

     A                     C#m
Mae Esyllt yn hoffi bod'n creadur
A dyle fi gwybod
Cos fi 'di darllen ei dyddiadur
         Bb         C# ****
A mafe'n darlleniad da

G# G  F#    C#     G#
Ah ah ah y ffordd oren (x4)

Play : A  C#m G  Bm (2x)

Bb          C# ****
Darlleiniad da

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G# G  F#    C#     G#
Ah ah ah y ffordd oren (x4)

        A                          C#m
Os nhw isie rhoi holion trwy eich gilydd
                G                   Bm
Wel dyna busnes ni a neb arall i barnu
      A                       C#m              G
Mae Steven wedi cwympo mewn cariad gyda'r dyn tywydd
            Bm                   C# ****
Mae ei ffordd e o chwethin ar ei tylwyth


G# G  F#    C#     G#
Ah ah ah y ffordd oren (x4)

Well this part the guitar is kinda crazy, 'cos he plays C#    C# desordely!
Translation: THE ORANGE WAY

Esyllt likes being a creature
And I should know
Coz I've read her diary
And it's a good read

Ah ah ah the orange way 

If they want to give ??? through each other

Well, this is our business and no one elses' to judge
Steven has fallen in love with the weather man

His way of laughing at his family.

Well, that's it! If you want any other GZM chord, please e-mail me!
My e-mail is : gorky@ruralrj.com.br