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Spanish Dance Troupe Chords

                 SPANISH DANCE TROUPE - Gorky's Zygotic Mynci

Lovely little song :) I'm confident this is correct, but if you do find an
issue, could you leave a comment rather than rating down? I'll fix it sharpish,
yeah? I tend to fix things in tabs, but people never change their ratings,
so theres less incentive to fix.

When I play the A, I like to shift up to Asus sometimes. It fits nicely
with the song :)

Chords used (low to high):

x02220 A
x02230 Asus (see above)
x24432 Bm
xx0232 D
022100 E
022000 Em
244322 F#


Em D A
Em D A

           Bm     E                   A
woke up on monday   and got ready for school
          Bm      E                        A
put on my uniform   it was three sizes too small
                         Bm      E                      A
i said "dear, dear, dear teacher   i've been six years away
                      Bm    E                       A
and ain't finished my essay   coz rock'n'roll rules ok!"

Em D A

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/g/gorkys_zygotic_mynci/spanish_dance_troupe_crd.html ]
                   Bm     E                             A
my conclusion this summer   was there was much too much rain
                Bm       E                          A
so i ran off on thursday   with a dance troupe from spain
                      Bm    E                    A             
where wine, dance and music   is the name of the game
               Bm     E                        A
from bilbao to madrid   my mind ain't been the same

Em D A
Em D A

                       Bm   E                        A
oh the rehearsals went easy   and i'd learnt all the moves
                Bm         E                A
i was playing a tree trunk   in a forest of fools
                Bm        E                  A
now maria moved real good   and i could if i would
                          Bm     E                           A
but when your mind's your prison   things just don't seem so good

(staccato on Em and D here...)
Em D A

                  Bm      D
and then we'll be married
              Bm    D
then we'll be happy
                  Bm      D
and then we'll be married
then we'll be happy
F#            Bm    E A

Bm E A