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Iechyd Tab

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'Iechyd Da' by Gorkey's Zygotic Mynci

(Translation: Good Health)

From the album 'Bwyd Time', by Euros Childs and RH.H.Rowlands
Play on acoustic guitar, normal tuning (eadgbe)

Dsus4 = xx0233
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/g/gorkys_zygotic_mynci/iechyd_tab.html ]

D  A  G  A   [x6]

[Bridge or Chorus]

G  D Dsus4 D  A    [x4]

Tabbed by Steven Stanley (stanley@birksfc.demon.co.uk)

I can't speak Welsh, so writing the lyrics would be impossible! :[

If anyone else likes Gorkey's, could they mail me as I'd be interested if
anyone has even heard of this great Welsh band! As a guideline, if you like
The Cardigans, you'll probably like them.