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'Eating Salt Is Easy' by Gorkey's Zygotic Mynci

From the album 'Bwyd Time', by Richard James

Play on acoustic guitar, normal tuning (eadgbe)

G7 = 320001

The picking pattern is quite simple, mainly use your G, B and E high strings.

eg. With the intro, try this..

g:----2---2--    [x8]

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/g/gorkys_zygotic_mynci/eating_tab.html ]
Who's book is looking over my shoulder
    G                                    D
I'm sure I've read it but then again I'm far too kind
Look make me feel colder
    G                             Am
I'm kindess trines my fear of whispering blind

              D    Am
Isn't it just fine
With your cheese biscuits and wine

     G            G7                D
I've seen my way across a room with you
So I'll see my way across the Malibu moon

I've learnt a lot from drinking Brookebond tea
You were born to walk the streets at night with me ya know
Catacombic laughter
A flower pulled with sinners in our camera

And with manners of a statesman
Oh what a reputation


    G      G7      C    D                 G
And eating salt is easy when it's from a spoon

Tabbed by Steven Stanley (stanley@birksfc.demon.co.uk)