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Highway Under Construction Chords

...weird. Noticed this tune had no "official-ish" chords noted on any sites (at least
from what i could see...) only the bass has been tabbed.

Well, here's the chords, I think they're pretty darn accurate - I even took the track
and slowed it down so I could hear the guitar chords better. There's a lot of distortion
and awesome dissonance between the bass/guitar in this track... THE LYRICS ARE SO 
MUFFLED. There is NOT ONE official/good/correct standard on the web, so I will try my best.

[Intro]<-- modern strumming/finger picking works good here

G, A, C, A (x4)

[Verse 1]

G        A          C       A
Well I'm building a highway back,

C           D        A
Back to the heart of things,

Am      C       Bm
No love left to walk back,

A           C        Cm
Back to the heart of things...


G       A         C
Falling above and black,

C       D         A
All our city gone red,

Am            C       Bm
When I get it all for you,

A         C      Cm
I'm gonna get it all...

True...   True...

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/g/gorillaz/highway_under_construction_crd.html ]
[Bridge] <-- Organ part. I suggest repeating the verse chords x1, then 4 bars of the
"intro" (G, A, C, A)

[Verse 2]

       G          A        C
Its so cold an' I say good-bye,

C      D          A
With a hold and a meaning why,

Am      C             Bm
But you never let the parted in,

A             C           Cm
Holdin' on to sound don't swim,

...Didj'you wanna worry now...

G       A             C
Said it would take me home,

C          D          A
All of the fitting it broke,

Am           C          Bm
Say whatchu' want don't bring,

A        C          Cm     D
Anything back to... Me.... ....

      G     A              C
Yes a whole lotta day goes by,

C            D           A
Hopin' for a lover won't lie,

Am         C        Bm
If I get a lie from you,

A         C      Cm      D
I'll make it all come... True......

[Outro]<-- Repeat verse chords, and add your off-kilter La la la la la la's!

BEST I COULD COME UP WITH! I love this song -- hope it works for you. Great on 
acoustic, obviously!