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Seasons Chords

Seasons by good charlotte

   Easy acoustic intro 



   the song.......

       c gmaj5 c7*       *when playing c7 last 3 strums pull off the 2nd 
                           fret and 3rd fret on the 3rd and 4th strings
                           then hammer on 4th string 2nd fret*

   summer air reminds me of
   all the seasons of your love
   c7                               c7*
   and what it was like, when we were together
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   walkin all along the beach
   you were never far from my reach and you held me
   c7                        c7*
   through the stormy weather
   c       gmaj5     c7          c7*
   and i, wanna fall in love, tonight,
   c       gmaj5                 c7             c7*
   and i, remember when you said everything, is gonna be alright

    thats all i specialize in acoustic transcription so email me
    w/ any requests or suggestions...LATA!   AMOS*