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Well Be Here When Youre Gone Chords & Tabs

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Well Be Here When Youre Gone Chords


Verse: Em D Am(or Am7) C
Chorus: G D Am(or Am7) C
-last line of chorus Em D C
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Em              D             Am7
And through the fence I see a ghost 
     C                  Em
Of a place that used to breath
            D               Am7
You know it choked away the sun
But we still had food to eat
And now everyone is gone
To a place that won't be home
Will they keep their family strong
Will they make it on their own


G            D                    Am7
And we'll be standing when you're gone
    C              G
And we'll be heard again
We missed our chance but not 
    Am7              C                Em
For long I know some-how we will hold on
         D                C
We'll be here when you're gone

And then one day we realized
That they couldn't hear our voice
And it's so hard to understand
When it's caught up in the noise
And the ones who fight and die
Are the truth inside the lie
Now it's all built on our backs
And we struggle to survive